The last ‘Chicken’ at Ten02

Ten02 regulars who have Facebook accounts probably now by now that their favorite bar and resto will have a reincarnation this year. On New Year’s Day, Skarlet herself posted this message in her Facebook page:

“Ten02 took a final bow this Dec. 28, hosting an intimate jazz dinner party for the Rotary Club of Midtown Kamuning. This year we are waiting for the birth of Twelve 02 Corp – the mother company of HADES (grill/rock bar) and my new baby. SKARLET’s (pasta,pizza,grill&jazz). SOON!” Continue reading


What’s so wrong about promoting yourself?

If you don’t believe in your own product do your really expect other people to buy it?

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It’s all about the music

Sometimes we forget why we’re doing what we do in the first place. We get sidetracked, sometimes by things that while they may affect what our main job are actually not even relevant to the job.

I’ve been hanging around Ten02 for three years now. I enjoy it when people talk about the music. When they talk about the politics behind the music, I tune out.

I’ve been a journalist since 1986.  I don’t go to bars to hear more of  the same bullshit I have been writing about and editing for the past 24 years.

Anyone who reads this should understand what I’m talking about.

Music with a mission

Tuesday  at the Ten02 was a night of music with a mission, with Jablunk playing to raise P20,000 for the treatment of Karl Santos Jr., or JR, a boy with hydrocephalus who turned six last July.

The mission was a success, as I learned on arriving, one set too late because I had to attend a meeting on a new website some journalists friends and I are putting up.

The target was P20,000. And just a few minutes ago  frontman Rannie Raymundo, through Facebook chat, told me: “Nakabuo ng P21,000. Salamat sa Diyos.”

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You say it’s your birthday, well it’s her birthday too…

I’m at a loss for words to describe the fun I’ve had at last Thursday’s party at the Ten02. You would be too if you’ve had as many beers I chugged, and I guess almost everyone else got carried away celebrating the birthdays of Jablunk guitarist Nitoy Adriano and percussionist-singer Laura Austria (whose birthday was actually on the following day, September 3).

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“O, Alex, ano ba-blog natin?” Myra said after the first set of Jablunk on this warm Thursday night.

“Baka yang blog mo maging jablog na,” Rannie Raymundo said.

I thought that would be a good name for a Jablunk blog, but then so many people are already using JABLOG, as I just found out this morning through Google.

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Big band dreams in a small room

The first time I watched Myra was when she was still with Put3ska. I think it was at the 70s Bistro, when the band was still doing songs like My Boy Lollipop and, of course, Manila Girl – for which I’d get the dirty finger if I insist on her singing it at Ten02.